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Our Speciality

Vegan Hits

Our Vegan menu is curated and inspired by our travels and training across Asia. Our inspirations pan across, from the temple food of India to the monk food in the monasteries of Bagan in Burma and all the way to the Yamagata prefecture for their Shojin Ryori secrets. We picked up interesting finger foods from the streets of Delhi as well as vegan tricks from the grandmothers in Hanoi. We offer delicious yet nutritious vegan cooked food for every occasion using our craft, techniques, and deep knowledge of Asian-style gastronomy and nutritional science.


Cocktail Bites

Get inspired by our à la carte- well-crafted cocktail bites to accompany your beverage or just as it is. Our chefs will guide you through Asia in a gastronomic journey full of unforgettable aromas, colors, temperatures, and textures in a mouthful.

Also, our team is happy to help you choose the option that best fits your event thus making sure the theme of the event is very well reflected through our food.



Inspired by the yakitori grills from the bustling street of Shibuya, to the skinny lanes of old Delhi serving Tandoori & Kebab meats, all the way to Cebu, where the most beloved Pork Lechon grills slowly over the open wood fire ambers- we curated a specialty grill menu and side sauces for our valued clientele. Executed to perfection our grilled food is the star of every celebration and event.


Asian Stew & Curries

Curries and Stews form the basis of Asian cuisine and our menu draws inspiration from every hearth across Asian households to boldly showcase skillful, nourishing, tasty, and unapologetic Asian warm, soul-enriching food.


Desserts & Cakes

We make simple yet flavourful desserts inspired by aromas of Asian fruits and spices, sweet enough to complete the perfect meal or simply to satisfy your sweet tooth. We can offer original recipes as well as our Asian version of these delights.