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Vegan Hits

Our Vegan menu is curated and inspired by our travels and training across Asia. Our inspirations pan across from the temple food of India to the monk food in the monasteries of Bagan in Burma all the way to the Yamagata prefecture for their Shojin Ryori secrets. We picked up interesting finger foods from the streets of Delhi as well as vegan tricks from the grandmothers in Hanoi. We offer delicious yet nutritious vegan cooked food for every occasion using our craft, techniques, and deep knowledge of Asian-style gastronomy and nutritional science.

Finger Food

  • Vegan summer rolls with tamarind sauce
  • Vegan samosas with lingonberry chutney
  • Vegan kimbap with gochujang sauce
  • Pani puri -Delhi street food 
  • Punjabi pakodas -vegetable fritters in chickpea batter with cilantro chutney
  • Handmade Burmese tofu with crispy onions, toasted nuts with tamarind chili sauce
  • Vegan spring rolls stuffed with seasonal mushrooms and Korean potato noodles.
  • Vegan mixed vegetable tempura
  • Vegan lentil fritter with cilantro chutney

Warm Food

  • Handmade tofu rendang
  • Mixed vegetable curry
  • Chickpea curry masala
  • Rajasthani kadi-lentil dumpling curry in creamy oat yogurt gravy
  • Vegan Thai curries
  • Fried lentil dumpling curry with vegetables in cumin gravy
  • Gujrati Dhokla- Steamed chickpea flour bread served with cilantro and sweet tamarind chutney
  • Burmese tofu salad
  • Fried noodles with handmade chilli sesame Harka tofu
  • Vegan fried rice

* Prices are subject to the number of PAX & the number of items you wish to be included from each section in your personalized menu. Or we can also offer you a comprehensive menu as per your plan. Our catering offer starts from a minimum of 25 euros per person for a minimum of 20 PAX.